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What is the Center for Athletic Performance?
Center for Athletic Performance, known as CAP, is a sport specific training program designed to provide a complete strength and conditioning program for athletes. CAP focuses on all aspects of sport performance including: speed, strength, agility, flexibility, balance, power and reaction time. We use various training modalities to improve athletic performance including strength training, plyometric training, nutrition, stretching, and education. All of our instructors are certified personal trainers that specialize in sport specific training and have safety as a primary goal. Because we feel strongly about the need for individual attention, we limit all of our group classes in size. Most classes will have no more than 5 athletes per instructor. Our program is driven by the motto of sports performance enhancement in a safe, challenging, and fun environment.

The Program

Comprehensive Athletic Performance Assessment: CAP programs include an extensive performance assessment to test all components of fitness (muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular capacity, body composition, and flexibility) and sport specific components (power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and reaction time). Tests such as vertical jump, 40-yard dash, 20-yard pro agility shuttle, bench press, grip strength, cardiovascular treadmill test and sit-ups enable CAP trainers to identify weaknesses and design an effective routine. After the assessment is conducted, a one-on-one consultation will be included to review testing results.

Athletic Performance Training: At the core of our sports performance training program are the weekly training sessions. High intensity sport-specific training will supplement an athlete’s existing routine to work on all aspects of performance. All training sessions begin with a dynamic warm up, progress to plyometric, agility and strength training and conclude with a cool down. Injury prevention, safety, and education will be the cornerstone of all training sessions and reinforced throughout each session.

Sport Training Consultation: Feedback is essential to an athlete’s success which is why athletes are required to complete sport training consultations. These one-on-one meetings give trainers and athletes a chance to discuss goals, performance, time management, updates and improvements made over the course of training sessions.

Additional Services

Team and Group Training
CAP is available to teams and groups for organized pre-season preparation, in-season training, and off-season programs. This training will supplement sport skills. Injury prevention, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and power are some of the primary focal points. Teams and groups of all sports and skill levels are welcomed. Private group training sessions are available with at least four individuals from the same team. Contact CAP for details and pricing for team programs.

Onsite Team and Group Training
Onsite training is available to teams and groups that are interested in having a CAP trainer come to their facility for instruction in sport specific training, strength training and conditioning programs. Enjoy all of the benefits of CAP while having the convenience of the program at your facility. Onsite training can be included as part of your existing practices or “off-court” conditioning programs or as a stand alone program.

Sports Nutrition
As part of your comprehensive CAP program you will receive a one hour nutritional consultation with a registered dietitian. This consultation will include measurement of resting metabolic rate, body composition and dietary intake analysis to meet your athletic performance goals. Additional nutritional visits are available for purchase.

Parents Fitness Program
Offered exclusively for parents and guardians of CAP athletes, the Parents Fitness Program allows you to experience the award winning William G. Rohrer Center for HealthFitness. For a guest fee of $10 you can have access to the facility while your athlete is participating in a CAP training class. This program allows you access to the fitness center, three swimming pools, basketball court, group exercise classes and much more. Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

Here are a few teams, individuals and schools that our trainers have experience working with:

Baltimore Ravens Mark Jackson (Phila. 76ers, LA Lakers)
Marshall University Max Alexander (Professional Boxer)
Villanova University Darius Watts (Denver Broncos)
Saint Joseph’s University Kyle Lowry (Villanova Basketball)
Chris Crocker (Cleveland Browns) Aaron McKie (Phila. 76ers, LA Lakers)
Delonte West (Boston Celtics) Paul Healey (Phila. Flyers/ Toronto Maple Leafs)

Athletes from:
Cherokee H.S.
Eastern H.S.
Haddonfield H.S.
Paul VI H.S.
Cherry Hill East

For more information and pricing call the Member Service Desk at 856-341-8111.